Our Approach

What We Do

The Computer Revolution is among us! BOW Investments is a website and domain investment business. Websites? Investments? How? Let us explain.

We build and purchase online stores and blogs with the goal of growing them in terms of sales or ad revenue, before selling them to up and coming entrepreneurs looking to pay big bucks for an already established side-business that could eventually replace their job.

Website flipping is definitely one of the hidden treasures in investing, becoming a nearly $250,000,000 market. Almost no businesses are centered around nor do many investors even know about it. Our goal is to buy or build starter to midsized e-commerce stores with an interesting niche, crack open its potential, and resell it for profit. After starting off small and getting used to the feel of website investing, monetizing, and online sales we now work with clients from around the world to get deals done. Following big opportunities and great success, we have hired experts in particular industries around the world to help us achieve our goals and further our growth. We have also built close connections with top executives ranging from small startup businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations in order to help them with press releases, marketing, maintaining or buying their website,  and even developing online merchandising branches for their products.

Our Story

We're Not All Business

BOW Investments was started in September 2016 with an initial goal to be a successful for-profit company. However, with the amount of money coming in, and the relatively low expenses, we wanted to give back to our hometown community. While remaining a for-profit company, BOW Investments donates a large portion of what it makes to local school events and clubs, local non-profit organizations, and impoverished people currently without a home.

Team Behind the Plan

To run a non-profit business is a challenge in itself. Typically investment companies are for profit because it is too difficult to find the balance between scaling a company and donating.