For anyone interested in website investing, here is a short rundown of some key aspects you should keep in mind. These tips pertain to buying, scaling, and selling blogs. If you are new, you should start out with blogs before jumping into online stores.


The term "traffic" refers to the amount of people that visit a particular website. Although there are many types of traffic, monthly pageviews are the main vector used to judge the overall popularity of a site.


When you are an article-based website, not a product based business(ecommerce) the main source of income comes from monetizing your website with ads.

Seller Reviews

Even though the reviews of a seller are not directly correlated to the performance of their website, they could save you a large amount of time and money.

Why Traffic?

Without traffic, websites have no way of making any money or achieving any goals. Traffic is generally grouped in monthly periods under two main categories: Unique Visits and Pageviews. Unique visits are the amount of different users that viewed your website while pageviews is the total amount of pages that were viewed. In most cases, there should be a strong 2.5:1 pageviews to unique visits ratio for a high quality website. Monetization and sales on a website are based almost entirely on the amount of traffic that is driven.


Reading Monetization

Monetization is the placement of ad units throughout a website in order to turn a quick buck. There is a world full of different types of ad units that are utilized to fit the particular demographic that visits a website. The most common of these may be CPM, eCPM, CPC, and CPA ads. Each has its own purpose therefore paying differently. CPM ads pay per 1000 views while CPC ads pay based on the number of clicks each unit recieves. When studying a website, it is very important to study where ads are placed. To put terms into perspective, let's say there was a website with an article that ranked the top 5 best brief cases. On the page there was only one CPM ad. What if we were to split the article into 5 continuous pages (one for each brief case) and put two ads on each page instead of one? We would recieve 4 extra pageviews and 10 times the ad revenue.

This type of thinking is essential when looking to flip a blog.


Importance of Seller Reviews

Seller reviews may seem like the least important aspect of buying a website or other online asset, but coming from personal experiences we believe negative seller reviews should almost immediately deter a buyer from purchasing a property. We're sure you know the internet can be a dangerous place, with scams and fraud around nearly every link. Such incidents and scam artists can be found on website auction sites just as often. In some cases, reviews about a seller may state that they failed to deliver the promised assets, they were very difficult to work with, or their claims were false. All of these are immediate red flags and signs that the property you are interested in, is likely not represented truthfully.


Our Performance

Although BOW Investments is relatively young, using the described strategy has helped us grow greatly to further reach our goals.