Although online store investing is our specialty, marketing plays a large part in every website's revenue. Overtime, through quality work and successful campaigns, BOW Investments has built its brand name in the world of online marketing.

Marketing Picture

Our Start

BOW Investments didn't initially have the intention of growing into the competitive atmosphere of online marketing, but as the company developed we realized the advantage we had over all other marketing firms and decided to pursue the market will full force.

Through our experience with owning and operating dozens of online stores and blogs, we have self-created unique online marketing strategies different from any other marketing company we know of. After being offered and accepting small marketing deals, the marketing campaigns worked well enough to gather the attention of larger international businesses that wanted our help promoting their products or causes too.


Now BOW Investments has built a network of both large corporations and small startups looking to advertise their products or services through our new and unique strategy. From Kickstarter start-ups in Europe that are now multi-million dollar businesses to a Fortune 100 company, BOW Investments has been able to dabble in the marketing consulting world. However, don't be fooled, marketing is a mere side-gig for BOWi. E-commerce stores is where our hearts lay, and e-commerce stores is where we will stay.