This is not a full portfolio of all of the active websites, however it is a list of the some of our current and past websites, in no particular order. For protective reasons, the larger currently owned stores must be kept as private information. The links to the first three stores are given to exhibit examples of our past work. Many of the sites shown have since been sold and modified.


Gadget Alphas

Online tech stores have been running the largest brick and mortar electronic providers out of business. Gadget Alphas capitalizes on the wide variety and high price points of smart watches, earbuds, speakers, chargers, etc. Gadget Alphas has over 1,000 available products all tied together in a sleek, modern design.


Furniture Fairies

Furniture costs a lot to buy. However, that doesn't necessarily means it costs a lot to produce. Furniture Fairies was created to take advantage of the high margins of online furniture shopping and low outsourced manufacturing costs. Furniture fairies has a few thousand furniture products ranging from bathroom storage to modern couches.



A seasonal store that includes over 2000 products catered to campers, hikers, and explorers. Products can range from rain coats, to boots, to water bottles, to climbing carabiners. With a neat, organized design,  this store has the capacity to take on thousands of visitors at a time.


Entrepreneur Merchandise

Our shot in the dark store. Entrepreneur Merchandise fills the niche market of entrepreneurial clothing for the growing market of entrepreneurship. An increased demand came to this unfulfilled market, so Entrepreneur Merchandise was established. All merchandise is produced and shipped directly from an international manufacturer.


Widen Store

One of our more playful online stores. If you look through it, you will see a wide variety of products that will make you think, "that's such a good idea!" Profit margins are decent. We flipped this site real fast and got back 5x the amount we paid for it.


Sport Court Online

SCO started off as a small store with about 50 hand-picked products that attracted basketball players who wanted quality and design with a low price point. In mid-2018 there was a shift in products to championship based products. In other words, SCO started to sell products centered around professional league championships.


Shopper Savers

Shopper Savers has over 36,000 products and is one of the biggest stores we have created. This was a store, like others, that was created to seamlessly add products in bulk with an automated order fulfillment process. The goal is to have a store with enough products to be competitively ranked for a variety of keywords that drive more organic traffic and sales.


Shop Point

With over 25,000 products available, Shop Point is a massive online fashion store. Products range from high quality bags, to watches, to general clothing. This store, like some of our others, was designed to easily upload more available products in large numbers. The fulfillment process is automated to minimize the work needed to operate the store.


Ring Kings

Ring Kings is an extremely fast growing store that sold beauty rings, sports rings, and other types of jewelry. All of the rings are unbranded to keep costs low. The rings are easy to promote in bulk, primarily through social media, and yield high returns.



Alpellin is a fairly popular hunting/wilderness/camping business that focuses all of its sales online. It grew a loyal audience and was growing with steady numbers, showing a lot of potential to BOW Investments. Once acquired, BOWi grew the selection of products, promoted bestsellers, made the store more user friendly, and developed a business plan for it to advertise to interested buyers. It has since been sold for 3.5 times the amount purchased for.


Tech News Empire

The first monetary step we took towards building our "webi-loop". This website's primary purpose is not to generate income but to instead attract and hold a certain audience. We wish we could say more but the rest is confidential.


4 Urban Style

Being the third owner of a site isn't typically a good sign for a website, but it seems 4 Urban Style is an exception. The low acquisition price paid for this drop shipping retail site is expected to pay for itself once more work is put into marketing the products and improving the store quality and catalog.


Press News Reporter

An automated news site. Currently is growing organically and has no real purpose to us right now. Being a news site, it attracts a wide audience with no particular niche. If we put a small stream of income into it, it could become a nice flip.

Gaming Community

Tower Keepers Headquarters

Not only has this given us a direct connection to the notorious game developers Ninja Kiwi (creators of Bloons Tower Defense), this site has also blown up quickly after its acquisition due to a large platform stretch. Tower Keepers ranked #1 on Kongregate and currently holds a loyal mobile community. This is the #1 website for the game, foreshadowing some sweet merchandising deals.


News Forex

A foreign currency exchange site. Purchased back in September of 2017, as a prediction of the bitcoin explosion. Increased amounts of attention have been drawn to different currencies, both online and international, increasing the traffic to News Forex. A good buy and an amazing prediction. *pat on the back*

Gaming Community

Hustle Castle HQ

Our attempt at extending Tower Keepers Headquarters to another game. The goal was to possibly combine these sites and others to form a much larger site such as Gamepedia. This is still a possibility, but as of right now time is better spent on the E-commerce stores so this new site can age and obtain domain authority.


Tech News Port

This was the first website we bought and then sold. At this time, the business was just starting out and I (Ryan Berejikian) didn't have anyone to rely on. It was me and Tech News Port. The amount of network connections and deals this site has lead me to is simply amazing. I still look at it in awe as no other site I have dealt with has brought the success in the same way. A great way to start off a great business.


Sample Business Site 1,2,3

We have 3 different registered domains and websites to practice different designs and elements or to allow content to sit and age. Sometimes we redesign business websites, but very rarely.